What is MP-Box?

MP-Box is a system that automatically grows plants and food and is controlled by your smartphone. Think of it as a beautiful mini fridge that stocks itself with high quality, pesticide free, natural herbs and food.

How long is a typical grow cycle?

Grow cycle around 3-4 months. Depending on strain, grow recipe, and if you started from seed or clone.

How many plants can MP-Box grow inside at one time?

Maximize the potential of six plant.

What are the dimensions of MP-Box?

Dimensions are currently 36” x 54” x 70”. *We provide special order fulfill what size you want.

What is included with my MP-Box purchase?

Along with our MP-Box, you’ll get a fully growing kit to start and our IOS/Android app support.

Is shipping included?

Shipping is not included. Shipping will be calculated based on your location and payment will be collected prior to shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we support internationally shipping.

Does MP-Box come with a warranty?

MP-Box includes a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

How much electricity does MP-Box use?

Use about $25 – $50 per month in electricity, mainly dependant on how much the air control system needs to work to heat / cool / dehumidify your grow area. In a normal use case, you would spend this much or more just to heat or cool your grow room or tent.

Does the MP-Box app work with iOS and Android?

MP-Box is compatible with iOS and Android.

How do I change the water in MP-Box?

What is the camera on the unit for?

Keep tabs on your Plants 24/7.

Can you turn the camera off?

Yes, you can turn the camera off.

How is MP-Box powered?

Regular wall socket.

Does MP-Box have Over the Air updates?

We will update the firmware and software. All updates are done over the air (Wi-Fi connection) and automatically!

Do I need seeds or can I grow from seedlings?

Yes, you need seeds or you can grow from seedlings.

Can I get extra carbon filters for MP-Box?

Yes. You can purchase additional carbon filters and nutrients from us.

Can I use my own nutrients with MP-Box?

Yes, but we recommend using our nutrient packages because we built our nutrient formulas to be great for the plants and also work with the mechanics of the system. You can use your own nutrients but you would need to dose them manually.

Does MP-Box require a Wifi connection?

Yes. MP-Box will need to have a Wifi connection in order to work properly.

Is the app free?

Yes, the app and any updates to it will free too!

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